About Wenzel Goubej

President of Quo Vadis Ministry

Faith and Gratitude

2020-12-23T10:40:58-08:00By |

There is no question that we live in uncertain times. Times of fear and anxiety. The news often seems troublesome from all directions, but during the difficult times of his [...]


2020-12-23T10:43:09-08:00By |

We live in troublesome times. Fear is on every corner. We are fearful of many things – catching COVID, loosing life, loosing loved one, scared of unstable future, shut down [...]

Emmanuel – God with us

2020-12-22T15:59:26-08:00By |

Recently my wife and I were invited to a function where we listened to people share about the success and good times they have had throughout this year. These people achieved a lot because [...]

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