When we look at our world today, it is gripped with fear, restlessness, pain, displacement and chaos. The heat of trouble is being turned up. The cycle of life continues, but the issues that humanity faces are rising because of increasing intensity in the world we live in. All of creation is groaning under the weight of decline and terrible suffering. There seems to be a direct correlation between the progress of humanity and the degradation of nature. When we scan the news and media, it is full of confusion and one-sided stories, on every side – from natural disasters to coerced experimental vaccinations, from scandalous misconduct to crime against humanity, from Christian genocide in various countries to unjustified war and more. The world is going to self destruction. Can humanity solve these issues?

We are often discouraged and distressed when we see the condition of our world today. How can we keep going like this? Will this turmoil, anarchy, lawlessness, pandemonium, discord, and disharmony ever come to an end? From a strictly human point of view, the answer is NO.

Jesus warns that even for a righteous follower of Christ there will be times of trouble in these last days and the Bible calls Christians to watch the signs of times, emphasizing the importance of being ever so vigilant in prayer.

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” Luke 21.36

The Lord reassures us with following words: 

“For where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20.

 So, the God-honoring worshipper is able to get through life’s storms with the assurance that the Lord remains close to the brokenhearted. Even the social distancing and isolation that have captured the entire world during a season of global pandemic cannot keep the body of Christ from praying together. Unfortunately, even our own church was affected by the mandates and capitulated to the Government to keep us away from fellowshipping together as Jesus admonished us to. Many lies were constantly repeated about safety and effectiveness of the so-called vaccines. But the truth is coming out and as members of His church, we are called to weather the storms of life together in prayer.

We need to wake up in what world we are living in. Satan the father of lies is ruling the world and whatever we hear and see and read we must use discernment over everything that is coming our way.

I implore us -the body of Christ- to weep and press together, share our pain, share our hope and encouragements and pray together much, because Christ is the only solution and comfort in all crisis. God is looking to use us. Let us pray for His plan to be revealed in our life to enrich His kingdom by finding someone we can help with hope and focus on God, someone who wants to know more of Christ and His work He is doing for us.

The hours of earth’s history are fast fleeting, and there is a world to warn and lives to save. Wherever possible sow the seed of righteousness and compassion to those that are hungry for a word of encouragement and hope, thirsty for a friendship and LOVE, either for vaccinated or not vaccinated, for them to know that we care for them. Time is required to care and share for others, because there is clearly a clarion call from God for believers around the world to unite in prayer and have deep concern for the people’s salvation during these unprecedented times. In a time when division, strife and intolerance are continually erected as barricades throughout humanity, He provides opportunities for those filled with His love to move forward through those barricades, connecting with and helping so many who are starving for the knowledge of His love.

Thank you for being a continual strength and love to this ministry.


Wenzel Goubej
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