what we do

Quo Vadis is a Christian Television multimedia broadcasting ministry delivering the Gospel message via Internet and Satellite to North America and around the world.
We plan to expand our reach with God’s guidance through literature, Bible study materials and other means designed to share the Gospel with as many as possible – locally and internationally.

our organization

QUO VADIS is a non-profit devoted to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, usually in the form of short, powerful sermons and talks. QUO VADIS – means in Latin “where are you going?” and today covers all topics — from Bible explorations and teachings, health and disease topics, but especially focusing on the mightiest fortress of our life, Jesus Christ, our Lord – in more than one media browser. In fact – everything we do is driven by this goal. Meanwhile, the independently run QVTV programs help share desirable topics in communities around the world. Quo Vadis encourages people in freedom of choice, and freedom of conscience.