our team
Wenzel Goubej
President / CEO
Wenzel is the type of guy who knows pretty much anything about everything. From producing, filming to video editing, building, gardening and everything in between, he is the guy you want to have around if things need to get done. You would think that age would slow him down, but it is quite the opposite, the guy just keeps on ticking like a watch, with plenty of stories to tell from the good old days. Things never get boring with him around, case in point : he survived two plane crashes already, we hope it won’t come to three 🙂 We are thankful that God preserved his life many times and is still in the business of using his talents, time and resources to further the cause of God and share the Gospel worldwide.
Dagmar Goubej
Operations Manager
Dagmar is doing all the paperwork nobody wants to do and if it weren’t for her, we would have very little visible. She tirelessly is working whether it be on the website, channel content, speaker arrangements, projects, or outreach. She keeps things interesting and makes sure the machine keeps running smoothly along. If there is a bump in the road, she is not afraid to smooth it out and overcome the obstacle in the path. Always trusting in prayer, she knows where to seek help if there is a roadblock in the way.
Robert Jaeger
Production MANAGER / Graphic Designer
Robert helps everywhere and everyone. He is truly a jack of all trades, yet claims to be a master of none, which frustrates him at times. He is always running around putting out fires, which causes him to put projects on hold. If something is late or not working you probably can blame him. He tries to focus on one project at a time and complete it to the end. He gets great satisfaction from collaborating and lending a helping hand to everyone. He believes in the statement: little is much if God is in it!
Solange Lansiquot
Accountant / Video Editor
Solange is very diligent and always goes the extra mile. Accounting being her home territory, is all about crunching numbers and bookkeeping. She appears all bookworm on the exterior, but don’t be fooled, there is a dynamic many find out about her when they get to know her. She does not shy away from challenges and picked up video editing in only a few days. She contributes on a regular basis with deep and meaningful videos of inspiring quotes and beautiful nature videos.
Yonka Mitova
Receptionist/Assistant Manager
Where are you from? Is the usual question she gets on the phone, when someone calls in. Many of us are from European countries and our accents stick like glue :). Yonka does so many things, we can not list them all, but she is an adapter and always makes it happen. It takes experience to be able to maneuver from one task to another and constantly switching between environments. She gets her fair share of change throughout the day, whether it is DVD creation or at the reception desk answering phones, helping with paperwork, bookkeeping or shipping a parcel. Always still doing something past closing hours to finish a task faithfully.
Where is she from? Well, we won’t tell, you will have to call and find out 🙂
Edwin Jaeger
Video Editor
Edwin is an outdoors person and loves to travel, graphically talented, with a vivid imagination which comes handy in his line of work. His talents are needed assets. He is a man of few words but his work shows he has a bright and creative mind.
Marvin Pastrada
IT Technician
The picture on display is not really him and nor is that his real name 🙂 Being an IT guy for many years Marvin understands the internet of things and likes his anonymity. Keeping big brother at arms length is not such a bad idea in today’s world. There is a class clown in every school so, there also must be the funny guy on each job and that is Marvin. He definitely keeps our spirits high and looks at the bright side in any given situation. He also shares a few profound gems of wisdom now and then 🙂 ( He can be Serious). Navin (his actual name) has put out a few dumpster fires that did not end up metastasizing into cataclysmic infernos, which we are thankful for.
Mateusz Sobczak
IT Volunteer / Adviser

Mateusz is the guy you do not want to go on a hike with. Seriously! Anyone who survives the journey will never forget the experience, by the end of the day you will fall asleep before touching the pillow. All kidding aside, we are thankful for all his wisdom. Where would we be without his computer knowledge? He is always ready to help when there is a need.

(P.S. Do not be afraid to go on a
hike with him!)

Kyla & Kodi
the Motivators

Double Trouble is right, First it was one and now its two!!! Whoever owns two Dogs knows it’s not a walk in the Park. ( literally )

First it was only Kyla who inspired us to go outside and get some fresh air to get our minds off work for a few minutes during the day. And the Kodi came into our lives and being a Puppy definitely made things a whole lot more colourful. It is just the Brake everyone benefits from, its truly a win win scenario for all of us and their enthusiasm for playing knows no end. If it wasn’t for their Playful Distractions during a busy working week, we would all be fatigued due to over working, thank you Kodi and Kyla for your motivational inspiration!