History of Christianity

1095 – Pope Urban II proclaimed the First Crusade. Here is what historian Will Durant wrote concerning this Papacy-instigated murder spree: “When in 1095, Pope Urban II proclaimed the First Crusade, some Christians [Ed.: i.e., 11some Roman Catholics”] thought it desirable to kill the Jews in Europe before proceeding so far to fight Turks in Jerusalem. Godfrey of Bouillon, having accepted the leadership of the crusade, announced that he would avenge the blood of Jesus upon the Jews … leaving not one of them alive; and his companions proclaimed their intention to kill all Jews who would not accept Christianity [Ed.: i.e., 11, “who would not convert to Roman Catholicism”].” [Ed.: Persecution of Jews by Papal Rome throughout the centuries has been well documented!]

1096 – Roman Catholic Crusaders slaughtered half the Jews of Worms, Germany on their way through that city.

1098 – In June of 1098 Roman Catholic Crusaders captured the city of Antioch (which is located in present-day southern Turkey), and killed most of the inhabitants – at  that time mostly Eastern Christians and some Muslims- men, women elderly, and children.

1099 – Roman Catholic Crusaders, sent on a “holy” mission by the pope of Rome [i.e., Pope Urban II], reached the walls of Jerusalem. Upon capturing the city in July of 1099, the Crusaders herded the Jews into the synagogue, and then set it on fire. These Roman Catholic Crusaders butchered almost all of the city’s inhabitants – men, women, and children -Jews, Muslims, and probably even a few Eastern Christians!

1208-1226 – The “Albigensian Crusades” were carried out. Pope Innocent Ill ordered that a crusade be launched against the Albigensian Bible-believing Christians in southern France, and Roman Catholic armies were sent there to exterminate them. In A.D. 1209 at the French city of Beziers, over 20,000 men, women, and children were butchered. The Albigensian Bible-believing Christians were wiped out. Dr. Henry H. Halley tells us the following about the “Albigensian Crusades” in “Halleys Bible Handbook”:

“‘[Ed.: The Albigensian Bible-believing Christians] preached against the immoralities of the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] priesthood, pilgrimages, worship of saints and idols … opposed the [Ed: pompous and pretentious] claims of the Church of Rome; made great use of the Scriptures.
… By 1167 they [Ed .: i.e., the Albigensian Bible-believing Christians] embraced possibly a majority of the population of South France .
… In 1208 a crusade was ordered by Pope Innocent Ill; a bloody war of extermination followed, scarcely paralleled in history. Town after town was put to the sword, and the inhabitants murdered without distinction of age or sex .
… Within a hundred years the [Ed.: Bible-believing] Albigenses were utterly rooted out.”
Note: Here is what Frank Chalk and Kurt Jonassohn (co-authors of “The History and Sociology of GENOCIDE”; 1990) have to say about the “Albigensian Crusades”:
”The Albigensian Crusades slash through the history of France and of the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] Church like a gaping wound. From 1208 to 1226 the papacy sent army after army to the South of France to crush the Albigensian ‘heretics’ and to punish their supporters . … They [Ed .: i.e., the Albigensian Crusades] began with a calculated act of terror, the massacre of [Ed.: large numbers of men, women, and children at the city of] Beziers [Ed.: in southern France]; they ended with the establishment of the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] Inquisition, one of the most effective means of ‘thought control’ that Europe has ever known. They [Ed.: i.e., the papal armies] were completely successful: The losing faith, the Albigensian ‘Heresy’, was exterminated .
… Their disappearance as a social group was carefully planned and executed with persistent cruelty.” (Page 115)
Note: A similar ((extermination plan” was executed over 700 years later (in the 1940s) by Roman Catholic Actionists [known as the “Ustashi’1 military and paramilitary units in Fascist Croatia, frequently advised by Franciscan clergymen- and sometimes even led by them. Two Jesuit prelatesIvan Saric and Aloysius Stepinac- planned and choreographed this religious genocide (religicide)!

1236 – Roman Catholic Crusaders slaughtered Jews in the Anjou and Poitou regions of western France. Historian Will Durant tells us: “[Ed.: Roman Catholic Crusaders] invaded the Jewish settlements of Anjou and Poitou . … [Ed .: These Roman Catholic Crusaders] bade all Jews be baptized; when the Jews refused, the Crusaders trampled 3000 of them to death under their horses’ hoofs.”

1243 -All Jews in Belitz, Germany (near Berlin) were burned alive by Roman Catholics. According to historian Will Durant, their alleged crime was that “some of them had defiled a consecrated host”.

1298 – All Jews in Rottingen were burned to death by Roman Catholics. According to historian Will Durant, their alleged crime was “desecrating a sacramental wafer”.

14th century {1300s) -The Roman Catholic Church blamed the Jews for the “Black Death” (probably the bubonic plague). Here is what author Dave Hunt has written in his book, ”A Woman Rides the Beast11 (1994), concerning this time in history: “From the time the popes ruled Rome, the Jews’ plight… was far more grievous than it had ever been at the hands of the pagan rulers. Pagans had blamed every disaster upon Christians. Now the Roman Catholic Church blamed all on the Jews. Accused of causing the ‘Black Death’, Jews were rounded up and hanged, burned, and drowned by the thousands in revenge.” (Page 267)

July 6, 1415 -Jan Hus (English spelling: John Huss), a Czech Roman Catholic priest for years (and a religious Reformer), was first excommunicated, and then shortly thereafter burned at the stake on orders from the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. He had vigorously opposed auricular confession, papal indulgences (which was a big moneymaker) and corruption, and ((masses for the dead” (which was another big moneymaker), etc. He attended (under guaranteed “safe passage”) the Council of Constance in order to defend his beliefs; however, his safe passage was revoked and he was condemned and executed without getting a fair chance to present a defense of his beliefs.

1429 – Pope Martin V ordered the King of Poland to exterminate the Bible-believing Christian Hussites (who were named after Czech martyr Jan Hus [John Huss]) in Bohemia.

1477 – Pope Sixtus IV (pope: 1471-1484) organized a crusade against the Bible-believing Waldensian Christians (also called the Vaudois in the French language) in southern France.

(Note: Both the Albigenses and the Waldenses (the Vaudois) were Bible-believing Christians who were, for the most part, simple farmers and peasants. They did not want any part of the corruption that existed within the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and much of its priesthood. They studied Bible verses whenever they could, and they placed the Holy Bible above papal authority.)

1481 – The “Spanish Inquisition” was started in Spain in this year. The Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy planned and choreographed- and then commanded the Roman Catholic civil authorities to carry out- an orgy of torture and burning people alive – called the Holy Inquisition. Though it was aimed initially and primarily at Jews and Muslims in Spain, the Inquisition also targeted those Christians whose beliefs were not completely in line with the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrines and practices. In the first two years (1481-1483}, at least 2000 individuals were burned alive. Author Dave Hunt, in his book “A Woman Rides the Beast” (1994), stated: ” … In Spain alone the  number of condemned exceeded three million, with about 300,000 burned at the stake [Ed.: during the length of the Spanish Inquisition] .” (Page 79; author Dave Hunt quoting from R. W. Thompson’s book ‘7he Papacy and the Civil Power”)

Note: Here is what author Ron Hembree wrote about the Spanish Inquisition:
“One of history’s most malevolent persons died on this day [Ed.: i.e., on September 16th] in 1498. Tomas de Torquemada [Ed .: 1420-1498], as Inquisitor General of Spain, ordered more than 10,000 people to be burned at the stake because they didn’t agree with his religious views. He used the Inquisition for religious and political reasons, believing punishment of [Ed.: so-called] ‘heretics’ and non-Christians – chiefly Jews and Muslims – was the only way to achieve political unity in Spain. Greatly feared and hated by millions, he persuaded [Ed .: Roman Catholic Spanish King] Ferdinand and [Ed .: Queen] Isabella to rid Spain of Jews. More than a million families were driven from Spain during that time. The country never recovered from the resulting decline.” (“A Daily Joy”; Page 272)

Ed. Comment concerning the preceding quotation: The Inquisition was not only used for “religious and political purposes” – it was also used to loot and plunder the lands and possessions of many Jews, Muslims, Bible-believing Christians, and even some wealthy Roman Catholics. Many Christians were accused of being “heretics” simply because they held the Holy Bible to be of higher authority than the Papacy, or because they would not submit to corrupt Papal authority. For centuries, Biblebelieving Christians were targeted by Papal Rome for destruction. Men, women, and children were exterminated like rats as entire villages and regions were targeted. Papal armies exterminated an entire Christian population group – the Bible-believing Albigensian Christians – in southern France. Torture, brutality, and mass murder were the standard 11tools” ofthe so-called “Holy Inquisition”.

1498 – The Italian Dominican Savonarola, who preached and pleaded for reform in his Roman Catholic Church, was executed on orders from that very same Roman Catholic Church. His ucrime”: he had denounced Pope Alexander VI and his corrupt papal court. (Savonarola was a godly Roman Catholic clergyman who had led a great revival in the city of Florence, Italy. He was excommunicated shortly before his execution.)

October 6, 1536 – Englishman William Tyndale was strangled and his dead body burnt at the stake in the town of Filford, not far from Brussels. His terrible 11Crime”: he had translated the New Testament into the English language. Because powerful Roman Catholics in England (such as “Saint” Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England) had opposed publishing the New Testament in the English language, Tyndale had traveled to the European continent where he was able to get English-language New
Testaments published in Germany. Roman Catholic Sir Thomas More put a “hit” out on William Tyndale, and he was eventually betrayed and later imprisoned at a location not far from Brussels.
After 16 months in prison, he was finally executed as a “heretic”.

Note: The Roman Catholic Church for centuries forbade the common man to own, possess, or read the Holy Bible in his native language. Not only did popes often forbid the ownership and possession of Bibles in the common man’s native language, but they also often commanded the State authorities to impose strict penalties on those who were caught with a copy of the Holy Bible (in their native language) in their possession. David W. Daniels, in his illustrated book “Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?” (Chick Publications; 2005 and 2013}, exposes those periods of time when the Roman Catholic Church manifested her hatred of “Bible possession and ownership by the common people”:

“THE WORD OF GOD: Check out this history:
1229 – Synod of Toulouse forbids reading or owning a Vaudois Bible. {Canon XIV)
1234 – Council of Tarragona: No Bible permitted in one’s native language. All of them must be burned.
1408 – 3ra Synod of Oxford: Heresy to have an ‘unauthorized’ (preserved) English Bible.
1559 – Council of Trent: Preserved Bibles are on the ‘Index of Forbidden Books’. (Rule Ill}.” (Page 88 of the 2005 edition}

In fact, here is a statement made by Pope Pius IV (pope 1559-1565):
“The [Ed.: Holy] Bible is not for the people; whosoever will be saved must renounce it. It is a forbidden book. Bible societies are satanic contrivances.”

1540-1570 – The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church [i.e., Papal Rome] sent a number of armies into southern France and surrounding areas that succeeded in murdering at least 900,000 Biblebelieving Waldensian Christian men, women, elderly, and children during this thirty-year period.

1550-1560 – 250,000 Dutch Protestants were exterminated via torture, hanging, and burning. Roman Catholic King of Spain Philip II had sent 10,000 Spanish troops, led by the Duke of Alva, to the Netherlands, in accordance with the Edict of 1550, to stamo out Protestantism there.

1555 – English scholar Nicholas Ridley and English preacher Hugh Latimer were burned at the stake on the orders of Roman Catholic English Queen Mary I (a .k.a. “Bloody Mary”). Queen Mary I and Roman Catholic Cardinal Pole tried mightily to bring England back under the yoke of the Papacy.
“Bloody Mary” reigned in England from 1553-1558. During her evil reign, approximately two hundred men and women were burned at the stake, to include bishops, scholars, and the top leaders of the Protestants in England. (Queen Mary I was merely following the advice of her Roman Catholic advisers in England, and the policies of the hierarchy of her Roman Catholic Church.)

1555 – English Bishop John Hooper was slowly burned alive at the stake on the orders of Roman Catholic English Queen Mary I [i.e., “Bloody Mary’1. (Again, she was ‘Just following orders”.)

1556 – English Archbishop (of Canterbury) Thomas Cranmer was burned at the stake on the orders of Roman Catholic English Queen Mary I [i.e., “Bloody Mary’1. (Again, she was ‘Just following orders”.)

1571, 1573, and 1586 – Failed assassination attempts by “Papal assassins” were carried out on the life of Elizabeth I, Protestant Queen of England. (The Papacy had been working overtime to return England to “Roman Catholic rule”. Queen Elizabeth I had expelled the Jesuits from her kingdom in 1570, and fortunately for Elizabeth the Jesuits’ many attempts at “payback” all failed.)

1572 – A bloody massacre of French Protestant Huguenots by Roman Catholics took place in France during this year. Here is what author Jack Chick wrote about this episode of religious genocide: “On [Ed.: the night of] August 24, 1572, the bloody St. Bartholomew massacre began. This was to be one fatal blow to destroy the Protestant movement in France. The [Ed.: Roman Catholic] king of France had cleverly arranged a marriage between his sister and Admiral Coligny, the chief Protestant leader. There was a great feast with much celebrating. After four days of feasting, the soldiers were given a signal. At twelve o’clock midnight, all the houses of the Protestants in the city were forced open at once. The admiral was killed, his body thrown out of a window into the street where his head was cut off and sent [Ed.: first to the Roman Catholic Cardinal of Lorraine, and then on] to the pope . … They also slaughtered many other well-known Protestants. In the first three days, over ten thousand were killed. The bodies were thrown into the river and blood ran through the streets into the river until it appeared like a stream of blood …. From Paris, the destruction spread to all parts of the country. Over eight thousand more people were killed. Very few Protestants escaped the fury of the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] persecutors.” (Jack T. Chick; “Smokescreens#; Chick Publications; 1983; Page 14)

1584 – William, Protestant Prince of Orange [of the Netherlands republic], was assassinated (shot 3 times) by a “Papal assassin” named Balthazar Gerard.

1588 – The mighty Spanish Armada was launched against England. This mighty armada of Spanish naval vessels (carrying thousands of Roman Catholic Spanish troops) was given the task of defeating the British navy and of landing t roops on shore that were to be joined by Englishmen loyal to Papal Rome within England’s borders. The goal was to bring England back under the authority of the Roman Catholic pontiff, who had promised Roman Catholic Spanish king, Philip II, financial compensation for launching this invasion. In fact, Pope Sixtus V had promised 200,000 crowns to King Philip II as soon as the Spanish Armada had set sail for England, and more money to follow later. (Pope Sixtus V later reneged on his promise!)

1589 – King Henry Ill of France was assassinated (stabbed to death) by a “Papal assassin” named Jacques Clement.

November 5, 1605 -The Jesuit-led and choreographed “Gunpowder Plot” was thwarted in England. 36 barrels of gunpowder had been placed under the British Parliament building in an attempt to murder King James I and members of Parl iament. The Jesuits’ goal had been the elimination of the leadership of the country so that England could be brought back under Papal authority!

May 14, 1610 – King Henry IV of France was assassinated (stabbed to death) by a “Papal assassin” (a monk named Ravaillac). This was Jesuit “payback” to (i.e., retaliation against) King Henry IV for having the “audacity” to grant “religious liberty” to~ his subjects- both Protestant and Roman Catholic- in his 1598 “Edit of Nantes”. (Note: Jesuit priest Pere La Chaise, father-confessor to Roman Catholic King Louis XIV of France, would later “persuade” that king to revoke the “Edict of Nantes” in 1685)

1618-1648 – The Thirty Years’ War took place during this period. This bloody religious war was planned, instigated, and orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order and its surrogates in an attempt to exterminate all Protestants from off the face of the European continent.

1641 – The bloody massacre of Protestants by Roman Catholics started in Ireland in this year. Approximately 150,000 Protestants were butchered from 1641 through 1649. Here is what author Jack Chick wrote about this episode of religious genocide:

“A similar massacre [Ed.: i.e., similar to the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre in France in 1572] occurred in Ireland in 1641. The [Ed.: Roman Catholic] conspirators picked October 23rd, the feast of Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order. They planned a general uprising for the whole country. All Protestants would be killed at once. To throiA( them [Ed.: i.e., the Protestants] off guard while the plan was being made, extra acts of kindness were shown to the Protestants. Early in the morning [Ed.: of October 23, 1641] the conspirators were armed and every Protestant they could find was immediately murdered. They showed no mercy. From children to the aged, they were killed. Even invalids were not spared. They were caught by complete surprise. They [Ed.: i.e., the Protestants] had lived in peace and safety for years and now found no place to run. They were massacred by neighbors, friends, and even relatives. [Ed. Comment: Please carefully reread that last sentence!]
Death often was the least they had to fear. Women were tied to posts, stripped to the waist, their breasts cut off with shears and left to bleed to death. Others who were pregnant were tied to tree branches, their unborn babies cut out and fed to the dogs while the husbands were forced to watch.” (Jack T. Chick; “Smokescreens”; Chick Publications; 1983; Page 17)

Note: Author Jack Chick made the following observation in his book “Smokescreens” (on page 17) about an important similarity between the massacre of French Protestant Huguenots in 1572 and the massacre of Irish Protestants in 1641: “What you’ve just read [Ed.: about the massacre of Protestants in France in 1572 and of Protestants in Ireland in 1641] is fully documented and historically factual. It is found in “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” . … Both of these murderous assaults by the Vatican against the [Ed.: Protestant] Christians in France and in Ireland followed a similar pattern. Before the attacks, there was a time of healing when the Roman Catholics became friendly and warm, and in both cases the [Ed.: Protestant] Christians were so relieved that they let their guard down and assumed the Vatican had changed. This was their fatal mistake and it cost them their lives.” Might the current ecumenical dialogue between Roman Catholics and non-Roman Catholics (e.g., Orthodox Christians, evangelicals, and Protestants) have been designed with a similar purpose: to get the so-called “separated brethren” to let their guard down, and to assume that Jesuit-controlled Papal Rome has changed?

1685 – Roman Catholic French King Louis XIV, at the urging of his father-confessor, Jesuit priest Pere La Chaise, revoked the “Edict of Nantes” that had granted religious liberty to all Frenchmen. King Louis XIV then ordered his murderous dragoons to slaughter the French Protestant Huguenots. 500,000 innocent Protestants (men, women, and children) are butchered!

1769 – Pope Clement XIII was assassinated (poisoned to death) by the Jesuits the day before he was to sign a papal document banning the Jesuit Order. (Even Roman Catholics have been murdered by their own hierarchical system and by secret societies, like the Jesuit Order and Papal Rome’s P2 Masonry, that even today control the top levels of the Roman Catholic Church-State!)

September 1774 – Pope Clement XIV was assassinated (poisoned to death) by the Jesuits about 14 months after he had signed a papal document in 1773 banning the Jesuit Order forever. (Note: Since the official recognition of the Jesuits as a Roman Catholic religious-military order in 1540, the Jesuits have controlled the Papacy from behind the scenes. The relatively few popes who did courageously try to curb the Jesuits’ power met with the same fate (i.e., assassination) as did Pope Clement XIII and Pope Clement XIV.)

1825 -Tsar [also written as “Czar”] Alexander I of Russia was assassinated (poisoned to death) by the Jesuits. (Russian Tsar Alexander I had earlier expelled the Jesuit Order from all of Russia in 1820.)