Do you like to count your blessings? Do you do it every day? I don’t. I do it often, but not nearly often enough.  I’m like my kids – oblivious most of the time to all that is being done for me, because I’m so used to it.

God is so very generous! The rain falls for the unrighteous along with the righteous, and the sun shines equally on us, as well. What an example for us of how God wants us to be with those whose perspective differs from ours. It is all too easy for us to feel that there is a difference between us and them in God’s eyes, but the reality is that God is equally generous to both. He loves both with an infinite, everlasting, generous love that compelled Him to allow Jesus to come down to this earth, setting aside His divinity for that time, and becoming a human, like us, forever, just to save as many of us poor wretched sinners as possible. If that thought doesn’t move our hearts, we need some serious healing.Do you believe Jesus is coming again, soon? I do. Are you longing for that day? Really? If so, why are you longing for it? I used to want Jesus to come in order that I could escape from this wretched, sin-sick place, to a place of peace and happiness. I wanted Him to come and deal with all the wicked people who saw things differently than I did. See how un-generous I can be?  Sound familiar?

What was Jesus’ final prayer about, before He went to the cross?  It was about unity – “that they may be one, Father, as You and I are One …” Such generosity!  Jesus wants us to share the amazing unity He has with our Father!  And He wants us to not only share that unity with Him, but with each other. I can tell you, it takes the generous heart of God, in us, for that to happen.

want God’s open heart for people. I want His generosity toward them – generosity that doesn’t assume we are enemies, but friends; that forgives offenses – even intended ones; that will do anything to help others know how much they are loved by their Creator; generosity that can’t wait to spend eternity with them!

Perhaps God’s generosity is best shown by His still-open heart.  Despite all the rejection, ridicule, rebellion, hatred, and despising He has received, His heart remains open to those very ones.  It even remains open to the ones of us who call ourselves His, yet despise those He loves – and isn’t that His greatest generosity of all?  We can only love Him as much as the one we love the least, yet, still, He loves us.

How generous! Father, make us as generous as You!

I’m praying for you!

By Erna McCann

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