DVDs by Kim Kjaer

  • Though pardon for our past is offered in plenitude, what about tomorrow or even the next moment? The plan of redemption was designed not only for pardon but for power to resist the temptations of the enemy of souls.
  • By the last 1880's, many had lost sight of Jesus and His marvelous plan of salvation. The Law demanded the death of the transgressor offering life only for flawless obedience. The mission of Jesus was to provide both and all sufficient atonement and a righteousness that would meet the demands of the Law.
  • Though this world is but a speck of dust in the our vast universe, Jesus left heaven to rescue the lost planet. At great risk with the threat of eternal loss, Jesus embarked on journey from which there was no turning back.
  • After the fall of Adam and Eve, man was no longer entitles to a breath of air, a ray of sunshine, or a particle of food. The law of God demanded perfect obedience and yet man was incapable in his own strength of meeting its requirements. But all was not lost.


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