hard truthAre these contradictory texts?
  1. Whoever covers over his sins does not prosper. Whoever confesses and abandons them receives compassion.  Prov 28:13 (GW)
  2. Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.  1 Peter 4:8 (ESV)
In the first one, I am trying to hide/deny my sins/faults.  In the second one, I am not revealing the sins of others.  How much unity would be encouraged if we followed both of these verses?
I’ve been studying unity and love over the last while.  It is an impressive topic!  The instruction and counsel is astounding, and well worth looking into, but … how does love cover over a multitude of sin?  To what extent should it go?
I think about Jesus and Judas.  Jesus knew from the beginning that Judas was a rat and would betray Him in the end, yet He never indicated by word or deed that he knew.  There was no wall between them; no indication that there was a difference between Judas and any of the other disciples in Jesus’ affections.  His love covered Judas’ sins to such an extent that at the last supper the disciples had to ask Jesus who it was who would betray Him, when Jesus indicated that one of them would.  Judas himself had to ask if it was he – not because he didn’t know, but because he didn’t know that Jesus knew.  Judas had hidden his sins so well that no one but The Heart Reader, Himself, knew what he would do.  Yet, He would not reveal that until asked by Judas himself – not by word or any action … Amazing …
Does a wall go up in your heart when someone wrongs you?  It sure has in mine.  Do you feel compelled to talk about it to someone other than only God?  I cringe to think how often I have … or how often I’ve listened to someone relate the wrongs of another person, rather than encouraging them to go to God first, then the person who has wronged them.  If only we would believe that God’s way is the only way to unity and love.  It shows a lack of belief when we do other than what He has instructed us.
Pray humbly together. Repent of your sins, and confess your faults to one another, that you may come together in unity and love. Let all be exceedingly careful to do or say nothing that will create ill will.
Why should not believers love one another? It is impossible to love Christ and at the same time act uncourteously toward one another. It is impossible to have the Christ-love in the heart, and at the same time draw apart from one another, showing no love or sympathy. The more love we have for Christ, the more love we will have for one another.
There must be a reformation on this point, else there will be in our churches a perilous departing from God. {10MR 144}
In these final days of earth’s history the task is clear.  May we neglect it no longer!  It is past time to pray and ask God how to proceed, and to lead our people in prayer on these things – encouraging each other in righteousness.

I’m praying for you!

By Erna McCann

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