Arnie Suntag

Arnie Suntag is the president and founder of Walk of Faith Ministries. The ministry conducts seminars and educational series on health and disease prevention. A former executive, Arnie left the corporate world after 28 years to preach the Gospel. Through a series of enormous trials that included a battle with degenerative diseases, narrowly averting the September 11 tragedy, contracting a deadly respiratory illness on a visit to China, and nearly losing his home to one of the largest forest fires in Arizona history, Arnie gave his heart to Jesus and has devoted his life to disseminating the Gospel message. He considers his ministry efforts to be a labor of love for the Lord.

Arnie is also an author and composer. He has been a guest on numerous television and radio programs. He and his wife Susan live in southern Arizona and are intricately involved in education and community outreach within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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