Where to Watch Quo Vadis TV

Satellite on Galaxy 19

Satellite: Galaxy 19 & Channel 116
Position: 97° West
Transponder: 6
Band: Ku
Frequency: 11,842 MHz
Symbol Rate: 22,000 Ksym/s
F.E.C.: ¾
Polarization: Horizontal

Order a satellite dish at GloryStar.tv or
phone Glory Star directly at: 1-866-406-7835.

Find a Satellite Dish installer at GeoSatFinder or FTA Install

Roku Player

Watch Quo Vadis TV online on Roku.

Roku is the original, best-selling streaming player. With Roku, it’s a snap to enjoy Quo Vadis TV, as well other Adventist channels such as Amazing Facts, 3ABN, Hope Channel, along with many other educational and music channels.


Amazon Fire TV

Watch Quo Vadis TV on Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box you connect to your TV. It’s the easiest way to enjoy movies on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO NOW, music, and much more. With Amazon Fire TV you can watch Quo Vadis TV and other Adventist channels.

Amazon Fire TV


Watch Quo Vadis TV on mySDATV.

The mySDAtv box is an innovative multimedia center with an Android based operating system that allows you to play and view content without paying for cable or any monthly subscriptions. Just plug it in and discover a whole world of live TV.

Amazon Fire TV

Android App

Download Quo Vadis TV app for your Android device.

Android Store

iPhone App

Download Quo Vadis TV app for your iPhone & iPad.


YouTube Live Stream

Watch Quo Vadis TV online on YouTube Live Stream.

YouTube Live Stream