Thank you so very much for airing the program, The Narrow Way, it was wonderful blessing and hope it will be aired again.

I was so elated learning about QUO Vadis. Finding you is answer to prayer.

May our heavenly Father richly bless you and Quo Vadis.

D. D.

Your ministry is beautiful. It is a good balance of love and Truth.

Tender and strong.

Rene S.

I am so blessed with your programs. I am a Seventh Day Adventist. Your program has been a great blessing to my family. May God continue to bless you in preaching his messages. God bless you.

Jennifer W.

I am so grateful to the Lord for leading me to find Quo Vadis ministry. I find this ministry supplies spiritually uplifting and refreshing programs, beautiful music and gorgeous nature videos with inspiring and soul satisfying Biblical texts and also supplies so many wonderful informative programs about health. My prayers are for your ministry to be abundantly blessed so that it can be available to bless all who are viewing QVTV. And I also hope and pray that those who watch QVTV will choose to support your ministry with their prayers and financial support so that people seeking truth and heaven as their home may be abundantly blessed by QVTV. May God very richly bless you folks for your sacrifice to get this ministry going!

Donna S.

Dear friends.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your ministry. I have been watching since you started last November and am so blessed.

I first watched “The Lord our righteousness” again and my heart was really touched. I love all the health programs and presenters! God bless you all.


Dear QV,  love your website. Who is your webmaster?

Your programs are a blessing to me, it is really great to have you on the air.


Love your speakers and the wonderful messages that no one else is preaching.

Iris C.

Thank you for your station programming,  I know there is God in your station because he speaks to me.  Oh, and the music – is marvelous!

Gwen, July 28, 2019

I love your programming, it draws me to Christ. Thank you.

Marge, Aug 23, 2019

We cannot say enough how much we are enjoying your speakers on QUO VADIS. Especially the health lectures concerning autoimmune disorders and possible healing. We pray for your station every day.

Ron, Aug 26, 2019
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