2512 – Discipleship and Suffering part 2 – Conrad Vine


How we can respond to those, who are experiencing persecution

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Empirical evidence from around the world indicate that persecution is a growing reality, and those who bear the name of Jesus are under increased levels of hostility and persecution.  In this series we will explore

  1. Why is important for us, the followers of Jesus to understand what is happening around us
  2. How we can respond to those, who are experiencing persecution
  3. Biblical response to the reality of persecution and how we can prepare when we are experiencing persecution ourselves.

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Born into a pastoral family, Pastor Conrad Vine grew up with his twin brother and two sisters in homes across the UK. After graduating with a business management degree (1995), he served in the UK public healthcare system before God led him to ADRA (1996). Initially serving in Azerbaijan, Pastor Vine served with ADRA through 2002 in a variety of roles worldwide. Following seminary training at Newbold College (2002-2004), he and Luda began their pastoral ministry in London, UK. After a stint in the Middle East Union, they served in the pastoral ministry for 4 years in Minnesota following which Pastor Vine answered the call to serve as President of Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM). Pastor Vine is also an ordained minister of the Gospel in the SDA Church. Conrad and Luda were married in December 1999, and regard their marriage as a personal blessing from a loving Heavenly Father. They have two children, David and Christina


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